Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Survey Results

Survey Results

Your in an 80s bind. Who do you call???

46% A Team
33% MacGyver
20% Night Rider
0% PI Magnum

What Was Your Favorite TV Show

40% Alf
18% Facts Of Life
07% The Cosby Show
02% Family Ties
02% Growing Pains

Who Had The Best 80's Hair

47% Mr. T.
28% Kid (from Kid and Play)
14% Kiefer Sutherland
9% David Hasselhoff

How Badly Do You Wish Big Hair Was Back

56% For Sure
21% Totally Gnarley
13% As If
08% Like Gag Me With A Spoon

Who is the cutest 80's TV Star

36% Lori Loughlin (Full House)
36% Tiffany Amber-Thiessan (Saved By The Bell)
03% Suzanne Somers (Three's Company)

Who was the best male action hero of the 80's?

31% Arnold Swartzenager
6% Chuck Norris
5% Sylvester Stalone
5% Jean Claude Van Damme
2% Mel Gibson
2% Bruce Willis

Who Would Win in an 80's Cat Fight?

37% Molly Ringwald
29% Lea Thompson
05% Tiffany
04% Debbie Gibson

What was your favorite Brat Pack Movie?

57% The Breakfast Club
25% Sixteen Candles
17% Pretty in Pink

Who was your favorite Original VJ?

46% Martha Quinn
17% J.J. Jackson
14% Alan Hunter
10% Nina Blackwood
10% Mark Goodman

What is your favorite sound from the 80's?

44% New Wave
33% Dance
11% Hair Metal
01% Other

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