Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Moving Pictures

What About Me

We here at the Big 80s embrace all music from the 80s. It does not matter if they are mega superstars, or in this case, one hit wonders. If the song had an impact, it will be here at the Big 80s.

This band was known in the UK and USA for one mega hit with a catchy hook in the chorus, “What About Me”. And in true 80s style, the video looks to be made for about $1,000 dollars. Now I know what you are saying, hold on. $1,000 is not a lot of money, but back in the 80s…. hmmmm. You are correct. Even in the 80s, $1,000 was not a lot of money.

But it does not matter how much the video cost to produce. The song is a classic and we here at the Big 80s pay tribute to the band Moving Pictures.

Moving Pictures was a rock music band formed in Sydney, Australia in the early 1980s.
The group was comprised of Alex Smith (vocals), Garry Frost (guitar), Andrew Thompson (saxophone), Charlie Cole (keyboards), Ian Lees (bass) and Paul Freeland (drums).

The band had several hit singles and albums in their native Australia, including the above video single "What About Me", which remained at number one for two months in 1982. Its success led them to America where it also became a hit, reaching #29 on the Billboard singles chart. In fact, "What About Me" stayed in the Hot 100 for such a long time that it managed to make Billboard's year-end Hot 100 list for 1983, at #88 - a rare feat for a single with such a low peak position.
They contributed one song, "Never", to the Footloose movie soundtrack but were unable to capitalize on their initial success. They returned to Australia, and achieved a few minor hits, but their career quickly faded.

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