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I Want To Be A Life Guard

We here at the Big 80s were in a bit of a rut. We have been searching for something to shake things up a bit. Up to now, most of our video entries were well produced (even for the 80s). What we wanted was something a bit more raw, more real. Something that any garage band could put together. They say seek and you shall find, and find we did. I hope you enjoy the following as much as we enjoyed finding it.

Blotto was a rock band from Albany, New York which mixed music and humor. They were formed in 1979 out of the remains of the Star Spangled Washboard Band, a post-hippie comedy jugband. Blotto walked a line between a New Wave pop combo and a soul/R&B bar band, but with comical songs. Their songs were played on the Dr. Demento Show and they appeared on television's Uncle Floyd Show. They toured frequently and were popular primarily in the northeastern United States, especially among the college student audience.
After releasing two EP records on their own Blotto Records, they heard the siren song of the music video revolution early. They produced the above video for their song "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard", working with video production students at University at Albany, The State University of New York. The video was played on the very first day MTV aired and continued in heavy rotation due to its catchy tune and humorous appeal. This exposure lead to their album Combo Akimbo, which was released with assistance from Peter Pan Records, and a "Video 45" on VHS from Sony with three videos of their songs that also received wide exposure on MTV. Blotto worked with famed producer Bob Clearmountain on one of the songs on their album.
The group eventually broke up in 1984, with the members pursuing more profitable interests, but they still reunite occasionally for concerts in their home area of Albany. "Cheese Blotto" died in October 1999. All the group's material was reissued on compact disc, including one CD of previously unreleased material.
The members of the classic line-up were:
Broadway Blotto (guitar, vocals)
Sergeant Blotto (vocals, percussion)
Bowtie Blotto (guitar, vocals)
Cheese Blotto (bass guitar)
Lee Harvey Blotto (drums)
Other members
Johnny Blotten (drums; 1978 - 1979)
Bluto Blotto (sax; 1978)
Scott Blott (sax; 1978 - 1979)
Chevrolet Blotto (vocals and keyboards; 1980 - 1981)
Blanche Blotto (vocals and keyboards; 1978 - 1980)
Clyde Blotto (bass; 2000 - present)
Hammerhead Blotto (keyboards; 1988 - present)
Ink Blotto (roadie; 1980-1982)
Hello, My Name is Blotto, What's Yours (EP, Blotto Records)(1980)
Across and Down (EP, Blotto Records)(1981)
I Wanna Be A Lifeguard (Single, Blotto Records)(1981)
Combo Akimbo (LP, Blotto Records)(1983)
Blotto (compilation) (LP, Attic Records of Canada)(1984)
I Wanna Be A Lifeguard (PVC Records)(1988)
Collected Works* (CD, One Way Records)(1992)
Then More Than Ever (CD, One Way Records) (1999)(previously unreleased tracks)
Metalhead (Sony Video 45, VHS)(1982)
The group also had a cover of Lou Christie's Lightning Strikes which appeared on the compilation LP "Hudson Rock". Metalhead appeared on the compilation LP "Metal For Breakfast".
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