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Harden My Heart

Find Another Fool

Quarterflash was a pop-rock group formed in Portland, Oregon in 1980. Quarterflash was a short lived band that exuded a true early 80’s sound fused with 80’s fashion. The band was often identified by the lead singer Rindy Ross and her video fashion. Quarterflash has a special place here at The Big 80’s as being one of our favorite guilty pleasures. Sometimes when no one is around, we will sneak down to the basement and break out the well worn, self titled album, “Quarterflash”. Ahhh, the 80’s…. Good Times… Good Times… And if we feel like a road trip to the mall is in order, the cassette tape is always close at hand.

The band linuep consisted of lead singer and saxophonist Rindy Ross, her husband guitarist Marv Ross, guitarist Jack Charles, keyboardist Rick DiGiallonardo, bassist Rich Gooch and drummer Brian David Willis. Their original name was Seafood Mama.

The band signed to Geffen Records and released their self-titled debut album Quarterflash in 1981. The album was a success, and it spawned the above video and their biggest single hits with "Harden My Heart", which reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and another "Find Another Fool" which hit #16.

Quarterflash released their second album Take Another Picture in 1983 and scored with a hit "Take Me to Heart", which reached #14. This album was not as commercially successful as their first. The group released their final album Back Into Blue in 1985, but they later disbanded after getting dropped from their record label.

Five years later in 1990, Quarterflash reunited, hiring session musicians, Sandin Wilson, bassist/vocalist, Greg Williams, drummer, Doug Fraser, guitarist, and Mel Kubik on saxophone and keyboards and released Girl In the Wind on Epic Records. Rindy and Marv Ross are now part of another popular band in the region called The Oregon Trail Band.

Quarterflash (1981) #8 U.S.
Take Another Picture (1983) #34 U.S.
Back Into Blue (1985) #150 U.S.
Girl In the Wind (1990)

"Harden My Heart"
"Find Another Fool"
"Right Kind Of Love"
"Night Shift"
"Take Me To Heart"
"Take Another Picture"
"Talk To Me"

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