Monday, February 5, 2007

Viacom asks YouTube to remove videos

Viacom as requested YouTube remove many videos from their site. I have been using YouTube as a vehicle to showcase the artists from the 80's. As a result of Viacoms request, I will need to take some time to restore videos that were linked here.

Too bad Viacom is not as cool as MTV once was. Then again, MTV is not what MTV was either....

I guess thats what happens when corporations sell out to big money.

Viacom asked YouTube on Friday to remove from its video-sharing site all pirated clips from Viacom-owned television networks.

"After months of ongoing discussions with YouTube and Google, it has become clear that YouTube is unwilling to come to a fair market agreement that would make Viacom content available to YouTube users," Viacom said in a statement. "Filtering tools promised repeatedly by YouTube and Google have not been put in place, and they continue to host and stream vast amounts of unauthorized video.

"YouTube and Google retain all of the revenue generated from this practice, without extending fair compensation to the people who have expended all of the effort and cost to create it," the statement continued. "The recent addition of YouTube-served content to Google Video Search simply compounds this issue."

YouTube has subsequently agreed to remove more than 100,000 video clips produced by Viacom properties, including MTV Networks, Comedy Central, BET and VH-1, according to a YouTube statement.

"It's unfortunate that Viacom will no longer be able to benefit from YouTube's passionate audience, which has helped to promote many of Viacom's shows. We have received a DMCA takedown request from Viacom, and we will comply with their request," said YouTube's statement.

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